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Warp is a utility mod for Rain World that you can use to easily teleport to different rooms and regions. It is particularly useful for testing mods and region packs.

Download and install Warp by subscribing from Steam Workshop, or download from RainDB or Warp's GitHub page and follow the instructions for Remix Mods Outside of Steam.


Region buttons are shown on the left, room buttons are shown on the right. There are also settings for different colour codings and order schemes.

Install Warp using BepInEx, and then Warp menu will appear in the in-game pause menu.

Clicking on a room button will teleport the player to the room's first entrance pipe (numbered 0).

Clicking on a region button (other than the one the player is currently in) will load the region and show a list of its rooms instead. The loading process may take a few seconds if the region is particularly large.

Issues When Warping

If the region doesn't load then there is likely an issue with the region or room you are trying to warp to. Check your exceptionLog for errors and review any recent changes you made to the region/rooms. If you are making a custom region, make sure there are no errors with room connections in your World file, or problems with your room's geometry (e.g. invalid pipe entrances).

If you have installed/uninstalled a new region, make sure you have started the game from a fresh save since that region was added or the game may freeze when switching regions or resting in a shelter.

Custom Den Position

Warp features and option to change which room the game considers as the player's den position (the room in which they start the next cycle). Note that if you're using Extended Dev Tools, the 'Start Map' parameter in the edtSetup.json must be empty or it will override Warp.

  • Hold Shift and click a room name to set the den position.
  • Press C to reset the den position to its default.

Custom Regions Support

Warp supports Garrakx's Custom Regions Support mod which allows for easier creation of new regions and region changes, and will load new rooms from within your CustomResources folder. Below is how room lists are currently generated:

Current Region

The list of rooms for the region you are currently in are taken directly from the list of loaded AbstractRooms.

Different Regions

When you click on a button for a different region, the room list is generated like so:

  1. Rooms are added to the room list from the vanilla World folder.
  2. Each Rooms folder found in CustomResources is scanned and rooms not already in the list are added.

At the moment, this means that if a region pack is present in your CustomResources folder but has been manually disabled in its regionInfo.json, rooms from this folder will be regardless and clicking on them will do nothing.

This is also technically the case for any region pack that removes rooms.