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Mods are typically distributed through Steam Workshop. However, since the game is also sold on other platforms, some people with a legitimate copy may be unable to access mods normally. We'll hope you are one of those.

Which mods can I install manually?

RainDB now acts as a Workshop mirror with direct download links.

If a mod is not on RainDB for some reason

To our knowledge, it is against Steam TOS to download workshop items for games you don't have. You have two options:

  • Some authors provide non-Workshop download links in mod descriptions (usually hosted on GitHub).
  • If there isn't a direct download link, you can instead ask someone with a Steam copy of the game to download the mod and send you the files. Workshop items are downloaded into subfolders [steamlibrary]/steamapps/workshop/content/312520 (312520 is Rain World's steam appid). Subfolders are named by workshop item ID.

How do I install these mods?

Image of correctly placed Remix mod main folder.

You take the files and put them into [Rain World]/RainWorld_Data/StreamingAssets/mods so that modinfo.json is directly in a subfolder. Exact mods subfolder names do not matter, but it is a good idea to call them something sensible regardless.

Done, your mod should appear in Remix menu, be toggleable and work as normal.