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This article contains information that is only relevant for legacy versions of the game (1.5 or lower)


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MonoModPatches or MMPatches are one of the simplest ways of modifying vanilla code. They can be used with current version of our BepInEx package.

MonoMod's README contains a description of this method. Short summary and RW-specific aspects are presented below.

Creation[edit source]

  • Create a project referencing both MonoMod.exe and AssemblyCSharp.dll
  • Create a type deriving from target class
  • Mark your class for patching. This can be done in two ways:
    1. Place your class in the exact same namespace and name it patch_OriginalNamehere (patch_Player to patch Player)
    2. Denote your class with MonoModPatch attribute like the following example
//"global::" is the namespace for classes appearing "without a namespace"
public class CustomPlayer : Player { }
  • For every method to patch, use the following pattern:
public class CustomPlayer : Player { 
    public extern void orig_Update(bool eu);
    public override void Update(bool eu)
    //do your things
    orig_Update(eu); // original method body is inserted at the site of this call. Omit to not use original code at all (also disables layering MMPatches).
    //do your things

To access a private member, create one with matching signature (type / name / params etc) and denote it with MonoModIgnore attribute. To patch a non-override public method, use new to hide the vanilla method for the compiler.

Things to note[edit source]

  • MMPatches should not be shipped in the same assembly as partmods/BepInPlugins. If that is done, there is only a small chance doing that will not turn your game into an firecracker plant.
  • MonoModRules described in MonoMod readme does not seem to coexist nicely with BepInEx. More testing is required to narrow down where things go terribly wrong.

Usage[edit source]

MMPatches have to be named as following: AssemblyCSharp.[modName].mm.dll. They are loaded from Rain World/BepInEx/monomod/ at preloader time. BOI renames files automatically in a futile attempt to make the process more intuitive for the end user.