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The Rain World Modding Wiki is a place to share information about modding the video game, Rain World. For more about the game, check out the Official Rain World Wiki!

To get involved, be sure to check out the modding category in the Rain World Discord.

Where to Start...

Starting with game version 1.9 (Remix update), mods are installed through Steam Workshop and toggled through in-game Remix menu.

If you want to install these mods on a non-Steam copy of the game, see Remix Mods Outside of Steam.

If you want to install mods for a legacy game version (1.5 and below), see Legacy Mod Installation.

For description of architecture changes due to the release of Downpour, as well as technical reference for Remix (the built-in modloader), see Downpour Reference.

On a technical level, most mods can be split into the following families:

  • Code Mods (any mod where the main component is a .dll file)
  • Content Mods (this includes region packs, arenas, etc.).

Follow one of the links above to learn more about making these kinds of mods.

Sometimes there is overlap. For example a region pack (a type of content mod) may require additional code mods for custom creatures, or a code mod may require additional asset files (though often they are embedded within the dll).

If you have questions that the wiki can't yet answer, feel free to ask in the modding category in the Rain World Discord.


If you have modding knowledge that the wiki doesn't yet have, please do contribute!

The following categories contain pages demanding attention:

Don't forget to check Contribution Guidelines.

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