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This article contains information that is only relevant for legacy versions of the game (1.5 or lower)

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This page contains instructions on how to install and use legacy mods and modloaders for old versions of the game (1.5 and below). These versions can be accessed through steam betas menu (game properties, beta, dropdown menu). For installing Remix mods on non-Steam copies of Rain World, see Remix Mods Outside of Steam.

Most mods and tools are available on rainDB or in #modding-releases channel of RW Discord server.

When installing a mod, refer to its README file if there is one.

You can see what type a mod is by hovering a square icon next to its name on RainDB.

Installing the modloader


BOI is a user-friendly graphical interface for BepInEx. It is not necessary for installing mods, but is useful for people who are not very experienced with computers.

To install, follow instructions at BOI#Installation.

Things to note:

  • Older versions of BOI use a different dialog window for path selection, that one requires you to select the folder game exe is in, not the exe itself.


There are two ways of installing BepInEx:

  1. Through BOI: In the Download Mods / Install BepInEx subwindow, you can press "Install Bepinex". Wait 15 to 20 seconds until the window unfreezes.
  2. Manually (this is useful if you are not using BOI for some reason): To install, follow instructions at BepInEx#Installation.


Realm is an alternative BepInEx package. It features in-game mod manager menu and some quick reload capabilities.

Realm is incompatible with BOI and you should not use the two together. If you plan on using Realm, do not install standard BepInEx.

To install, follow instructions at Realm#Installation.

Installing code mods

BepInEx + BOI

Mod .dll files go into Rain World/Mods/. You can also drag and drop them into BOI modlist. Use Tags field to set notes for your mods, you can use the search box to filter mods later.

Toggle in BOI to enable/disable. To uninstall, uncheck then delete from /Mods/.

Raw BepInEx

BepInPlugins and partmods go into Rain World/BepInEx/plugins/. MonoMod Patches go into Rain World/BepInEx/monomod/ (they need to be renamed to template AssemblyCSharp.[modname].mm.dll). Preloader Patchers go into Rain World/BepInEx/patchers/.

To uninstall, delete mod .dll file from respective active folder.

Installing region packs

For this, you'll need to have completed #Installing the modloader.

To install custom regions, you will first need CRS and all of its dependencies.

In-game installer

From CRS Config menu, you can easily install most publicly released region mods in one click from "browse RainDB" tab. You may need to relaunch the game to reload dependency DLLs after everything is done downloading.


This is useful for installing regpacks that are not publicly available.

  1. Download the regpack archive
  2. Without changing folder structure, unpack it into Rain World/Mods/CustomResources/ so that the resulting folders look like the following:
Rain World/
L__ Mods/
   L__ CustomResources/
      L__ YourRegionMod/
         L___ Assets/
         L___ World/
         L___ Levels/
         L___ packInfo.json
         L___ thumb.png

Installing standalone mods

Standalone Mods are installed by folder merging. They usually come as an archive with a folder called Rain World in it.

To install a standalone mod, unpack its archive and drag Rain World subfolder from it onto the main game folder, select "replace all files".

To uninstall a standalone mod, go to Steam library, right click on Rain World, select Properties -> Local files -> Verify integrity of game files. If you are not on steam, you will probably need to wipe and reinstall your game.

Sprite packs

Sprite packs are asset bundles containing sprite replacements for slugcats. To use them, you need

  1. An asset loader. It can be:
  2. A character customizer mod. It can be:

Sprite packs usually come with their own READMEs.

  • When using CustomAssets, the usual way to install a sprite pack is by folder merge.
  • When using CSL, the sprites can be put into ModConfigs/CustomSpritesLoader/Load/ or any subfolder inside it (you need to run the game once with CSL enabled for the folder to be generated).

After the sprites have been put into their place, run the game and head into your character customizer's config menu to set sprite names.

  • When using FancySlugcats, be sure to exactly input sprite names as shown in your sprite pack's README. If you input a name wrong, the game will freeze on start. FancySlugcats is terminally incompatible with some custom character mods.
  • ShinyRat is crash resistant and more or less works with most character mods.