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"Custom Regions Support"
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Custom Regions Support or CRS is a library/util mod that was created as an easier way to install Content Mods, replacing file merging. It allows to install multiple region mods at once easily, quickly toggle them, and makes region development less messy.

Custom Regions Support is currently in beta for Rain World 1.9.

As of now, it is the primary way of installing any and all custom regions, and many of them are CRS-exclusive.


Runtime worldfile merging

For basics of region architecture, see World File Format

CRS attempts to smartly combine region world files and avoid room connectivity conflicts. It is the most effective if region mods don't distribute full modified copies of WORLD_XX.txt files for conflict-prone connection (such as vanilla region's WORLD_XX, when a modded region connects to it), and instead only include lines that need to be changed or added. This is commonly referred to as "refining worldfiles".

In addition to connection files, it can also merge region property files.

In-game downloader

CRS config menu allows the user to install most region packs from inside the game in one click, including their dependency DLLs, and also quickly toggle installed packs on and off.

Downloader menu is reshuffled every day to give every CRS-published region a shot.

Region-conditional connections

Connections may be toggled depending on if a certain region is present:

(TM, !BL)roomA : roomB, roomD
//only used if TM is installed and BL is not

This can be combined with unused vanilla behaviour of character-specific connections.

Connection fixer

Starting with v0.9.xx, CRS can attempt to fix some broken connections. This behaviour isn't a catchall but can make some conflicts less lethal.

Additional asset loading

CRS allows easily loading assets commonly bundled with most regions, such as music files, region splash art for passage/regions map screens, decals etc.


  • Making previously hardcoded settings (electric gates, albino colouring on creatures, chance of salamander colouring etc) configurable with json files
  • Removing creature spawns
  • No-code addition of custom pearls
  • Adding unlockable arenas