Contribution Guidelines

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This page contains editing, styling, and page structure guidelines to be used Rain World Modding. It is recommended all editors follow them to whatever extent is reasonable in given context.

The guidelines are subject to change.

For running task list, consult our trello board (view-only link). To join as board member, find us on RW Discord server in <#1005072570053316708>.

Template use

Mark pages requiring visual / stylistic / tonal cleanup with Template:Cleanup.

Mark pages / sections / other items missing crucial information with Template:todo.

Page structure

Tool pages

Put installation remarks and instructions under a == Installation == section.

Put usage remarks and instructions under a == Usage == section.


Put text that must be read exactly by the user (file paths, class/method names, string literals etc) in <code> </code> tags if it is inline, <pre> </pre> if it is multiline (unless it is otherwise clearly separated, i.e. being the sole thing occupying a table cell).