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Code mods are incredibly versatile. They allow for fixing bugs in the vanilla game, adding quality of life (QoL) features, and all sorts of brand new features including new creatures and gamemodes. Code mods are sometimes included in Region Packs, either as supplimentary features or dependencies of those features.

To load code mods, we use a modified version of BepInEx.

Writing Code Mods

Rain World is programmed in C# with Unity, meaning that we have access to plenty of .NET and Unity oriented modding tools. RW code mods are generally written in C# and built for the .NET Framework 4.8 runtime.

If you're looking to start making code mods, it's recommended that you start with BepInPlugins. You're likely to get the most support with these, they're the easiest to make, and they're very capable.

Before diving into the details of writing a code mod, you'll need to set up your code environment. Also, knowing Rain World Code Structure helps a lot.

Modern Rain World code mods typically come in a few flavours...

  • BepInPlugins - the most common. They largely use a technique called hooking, which allows for many possibilities and makes for good compatibility with other mods.
  • Preloader Patchers - powered by Mono.Cecil. Used to apply changes to assemblies during the preloader phase.

Older Rain World code mods are generally:


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