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BepInEx is a mod loader and plugin framework primarily for Unity and XNA games.

It is important to note that the generic BepInEx releases are not directly compatible with Partiality Mods, which make up a large portion of mods for Rain World v1.5. Currently, it is imperative you use a specially modified version of BepInEx to use the majority of existing Rain World mods.

Another note for Linux/Steam Deck users: as Rain World is not natively available for Linux (and Steam Deck is powered by Linux), extra steps are required for installation. This guide will help you set up Realm (a package which includes BepInEx) for Rain World on your Linux device with the help of Steam Proton/WINE.

There are two ways of getting an appropriate version of BepInEx. Either use the Installation section to install RW BepInEx OR download Realm. Realm has an in-game mod management interface, but is currently incompatible with a small number of mods.

Installation[edit source]

Tip: If you got the game from Steam then the default location for the Rain World folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rain World, but this will be different if you changed the installation settings.

All of the steps below for installing RW BepInEx and BOI (an app that helps manage mod files) are presented in this video.

The BepInEx folder, doorstep_config.ini, and winhttp.dll should be in the Rain World folder.
This is what the Rain World folder should look like after installing BepInEx.

If you have not installed Partiality for the current installation of Rain World, skip to step 2.

  1. Go to the Rain World/RainWorld_Data folder, delete the folder called Managed, and rename Managed_backup to Managed.
  2. Download RW BepInEx.
  3. Extract the contents of the .zip archive and copy its contents to the Rain World folder.
  4. At this point, your Rain World folder should look like the image on the right. You can also check the installation by running the game as you normally would - if a file called LogOutput.log is now in the BepInEx folder, then BepInEx is starting up.

Using Mods[edit source]

Option 1: BOI[edit source]

BOI is a graphical application for mod management with RW BepInEx. It also includes a few other tools such as save file management and ability to change Dev Tools settings. It can be installed from here - download the first .zip and extract its contents anywhere (though preferably not inside the Rain World folder).

Option 2: Realm[edit source]

Realm is a package that includes BepInEx and an in-game mod management interface. It allows for download, installation, and reloading of many mods in-game. See the Realm readme for more information.

Option 3: Moving Files[edit source]

  • BepInPlugins and Partiality Mods must go in BepInEx/plugins
  • MonoMod Patches must be renamed to the format Assembly-CSharp.[mod name].mm.dll and must go in BepInEx/monomod
  • Preloader patchers must go in BepInEx/patchers